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Standing Sprays

We understand this is a difficult time, but we are here to help and make this process as easy as possible. The designs below can be made in different colours and with different flowers as well; if you would like us to design custom sprays for your funeral service, please give us a call at 604-299-0585.

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Sweet Remembrance Spray (AR1337) Sweet Remembrance Spray

Red roses and carnations, and white lilies; a very traditional and timeless tribute.

From: $324.99
Garden Blooms Spray (AR1522) Garden Blooms Spray

A standing spray with a wildflower look in shades of pink, purple, and mauve.

From: $394.99
Peaceful Terrace Spray (AR1343) Peaceful Terrace Spray

A beautiful array of whites and greens including white casa lilies.

From: $319.99
Farwell (AR1616) Farewell

A beautiful mix of flowers in soft pinks, purples and whites for a delicate goodbye.

From: $299.99
T226-1A T226-1A

From: $349.99
AR1624 AR1624

From: $279.99
AR1625 AR1625

From: $319.99
AR1623 AR1623

From: $369.99
AR1712 AR1712

From: $349.99
AR1711 AR1711

From: $249.99